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My mind is constantly playing around even when I have perfect conditions for studying.

I get really annoyed by a habit of mine of not doing things that I am supposed to do, especially when it's time to study.When it's time to study I get hungry, thirsty, I need to pee, check my notifications and email. I remember that I wanted see a documentary about SpaceX and human colonization on Mars that's on youtube and after a couple of hours I would be watching short clips of "The Ellen Show". A part of my brain always provokes me to get back to my work that's important but unrewarding, and another part of my brain says see that's not fun, lets do something rewarding that can give you some instant gratification.

Few days back I was going through the same process and I landed in a random page on Quora and I came to know about a situation that resonated my situation. I did some research on the internet about it, read few articles, I used the technique myself first and decided to write something about it. 

Resistance! It laughs at your “perfect condit…

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